You want to build,renew or extend a wireless network?
You want to know the advantages and disadvantages of various wireless technologies?

TheFIT GmbHoffers acomprehensive planningfrom the radioto theradio network.

Our service includes:

  • Detecting thecustomer's specific requirements
  • Analysis of buildingsandgrounds
  • computer-basedsimulationof the radio network
  • Selection of suitableradio technology(Tetra, DMR, analogueradio technology)
  • Meansof a radio networkfor testing purposes
  • Provide necessaryradio setsduring the test period(HRT andMRTs)
  • Implementation and evaluationof test measurements
  • Preparation ofschedule and costplans
  • and other

Our goal for each task is to find the optimalsolutionand implement it!



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